Prostate Health

Researchers at Norwich Medical School in the UK looked at the results of 12 different studies done on a total of 13,254 men. They were specifically looking at blood levels of selenium. Many studies have verified that taking selenium is an easy way to decrease the chance of getting prostate cancer. But these doctors wanted to know just how much selenium was needed because everything is about dose. And dose varies between people. So what’s the right dose? Here’s what they found.
If you take enough selenium to have a blood serum level of 135 ng/ml you will decrease your risk of getting prostate cancer by 15%. Not bad for one nutrient. But it gets a lot better than this. Prostate cancer by itself is not really a problem. The less aggressive forms can be easily controlled with just herbs, nutrients, and diet. It is the highly aggressive forms of prostate cancer that bring the real problems. And selenium levels of 135 ng/ml will reduce your chance of having an aggressive form by a huge 40%!
For many of the men the risk decreased even more when the blood levels went as high as 170 ng/ml. And there was no decreased risk in men whose blood levels were greater than 170.
Take enough selenium to get your blood levels between 135-170 ng/ml. There is no advantage to levels higher than this. The best form of selenium to take is methylselenocysteine.

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