The Body Has Two Twelve Hour Cycles – Sleep Most Important

SLEEP MOST IMPORTANT FOR REPAIRThe body’s physiology basically runs on two twelve- hour cycles. The time between 6 AM and 6 PM is called the catabolic cycle, and the time between 6 PM and 6 AM is the anabolic cycle.

During the catabolic cycle the body will do anything to keep itself running, meaning if it needs to take from one system for another it will, such as if the heart needs something it’ll take it from the adrenals and the adrenals will just suffer. This process is called catabolism and this damage to some cells is permitted so higher priority systems can continue to run efficiently.

The anabolic cycle is when the body repairs all the damage and borrowing that went on during the catabolic cycle. The process, called anabolism, transpires primarily when we are sleeping (or should be). This is a key point. The body repairs damage through the medium of subtle energy fields that cannot be effective during the active part of the day. These fields organize the repair effort, and reach their maximum potential during sleep, particularly the deeper levels of sleep.Without an adequate sleep period, people are unable to fully repair the damage they create during the day.
A chronic lack of adequate sleep results in accelerated deterioration of the body, leading to premature aging.
Sleep is even more important for those who exercise and lead very active lives.

Work towards getting eight hours of good, solid uninterrupted sleep in a fully darkened room, ideally before the sun comes up. If you can’t do this, blacken your room or use eyeshades so it is still dark after the sun has risen.

Avoid food or alcohol for three hours before bedtime.

Lights left on in the room interfere with sleep. The production of melatonin, perhaps the single most important hormone for the immune system, occurs during sleep. It is immediately cut off by exposure to light. Decreased melatonin production is thought to be one of the factors leading to breast cancer. If you have to get up in the night for a trip to the bathroom, don’t turn on the lights. If you need light, use a red- colored night light— red light does not seem to curtail melatonin production.

If you routinely get up to urinate, restrict your fluids before bedtime.

Chronic insomnia is a serious health problem. If you have this problem, don’t think you’re solving it by taking drugs. You’re not. Studies show that sleeping medications interfere with the development of the deeper levels of sleep. So instead, treat the problem by following the other natural solutions such as: exercise
adequate water intake
exposure to sunlight
Also limit or eliminate your intake of all caffeinated drinks.

Certain herbs, particularly chamomile and valerian, are especially helpful to induce sleep. If you are over forty- five, try .5–3 milligrams of melatonin before bedtime.

Don’t use anything electric on your bed, such as electric blankets or heating pads. These devices create an electrical field that significantly interferes with the anabolic repair
process. Even when they are turned off, electric heating systems still maintain an electric field because they have transformers.


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