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Mental Health Illness

In 2013, over 9.3 million Americans had serious thoughts of suicide during that year. During that same year, 43.8 million adults (age 18 or older) experienced a diagnosable mental illness as 2.7 million (1.1%) made suicide plans and 1.3 million (0.6%) attempted suicide.

“The report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) also finds that 10 million adults experienced a serious mental illness and 15.7 million adults experienced a major depressive episode in 2013″. These results continued the same trend as was found in 2012, when the findings reached astronomical levels.

In 2013, major depressive episodes affected approximately one in ten (2.6 million) youth between the ages of 12 to 17. However,, Americans do not get consistent treatment with only 38.1 percent of depressed youths receive treatment for serious clinical depression. The SAMSHA Report found that, approximately 34.6 million adults (this represents 14.6% of all American adults) received mental health care. These numbers are significantly escalated over the period covering 2002-2011.  According to the new report, 44.7% of adults with any mental illness and 68.5 percent of adults with serious mental illness received mental health services.

With all the technology and pharmaceutical drugs available one would think these numbers would not be climbing, but they are, why?  If you read the articles and look at the information in the categories that address dangerous chemicals in processed foods it is not too difficult to start seeing a path to many illness’s including mental/emotional health  Lack of proper nutrition and multiple prescriptions are creating these mental disorders.  There is also documented research that psychotropics actually can cause depression and suicide.

If you know someone that is being treated for mental disorders, depression, or suicide tendencies please find out what medications they are taking and do your own research to the safety of that medication as well as side effects.  Many mental and emotional issues can be directly related to mineral deficiencies and severe toxicity.


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