Lymphatic Cleansing Tonic

Lymphatic Cleansing Tonic

Cut one organic lemon in quarters, which includes the rind and seeds, put in blender.

Add 1 ½ cup of orange juice or fruit juice or water. (I use 1 fresh squeezed organic orange with added water to make the 1 ½ cup required.

Optional: Add 1 Tbsp of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (I add this to mine)

Blend at high speed for two minutes

Pour juice through a strainer and discard pulp. The remaining juice may be taken in all at once or divided into 2 or 3 portions throughout the day. Make fresh daily and consume all in the same day. Discard what is not used the day it is made.

The whole lemon drink can quickly bring tangible benefits to the user that can improve the quality of their lives.

Prevention ~ First Defense


Lemon – Citrus limon

Lemon, Citrus, Fruit, Yellow, Tropical, Nutrition

LEMON (Citrus limon)
Lemon has a high level of Vitamin C (which increases the immunological activity), stimulates appetite and has a slight antibacterial and antiviral effect and is particularly important during colds and flu because its mucolytic qualities allow anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to increase the resistance of the veins and arteries and regulate blood pressure, and it is also effective in reducing calcium deposits (kidney stones or bladder).

According to Dr. Reams a 9:1 ratio for lemon water medicinally shoud be taken daily.

Note: 9 parts pure filtered water to 1 part organic lemon

Health Fact – Sleep


Sleep- deprivation shortens your life and increases the likelihood of a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Getting less than six hours a night can affect coordination, reaction time, and judgment,

Lack of adequate sleep can create a pre- diabetes state in the body, which can, in turn, contribute to obesity.

Obesity itself impairs sleep, thus setting the stage for a vicious cycle.

Two very important hormones, growth hormone and leptin, are secreted primarily during the sleep hours. Leptin is a critical hormone with respect to eating and weight management. It signals the body to stop eating carbohydrates. With the low- leptin levels of sleep debt, your body will crave carbohydrate even though you’ve had enough calories.


Health Fact – Lymphatic System

HEALTH FACT – LYMPHATIC SYSTEMThe lymphatic system collects toxins and dumps them into the bloodstream during the night, so it’s good to get into the habit of helping the kidneys by drinking sixteen to thirty- two ounces of water when you get up in the morning. This may take some getting used to, but it’s worth it. Alcohol drinks, coffee, juice, sodas, and tea are not water. Nor are they substitutes for water. In fact, through their diuretic action, they can actually intensify dehydration.


Health Fact – Apple


The apple is one of the most nutritious fruits to eat, but it needs to be organic because the commercial industry is highly sprayed with insecticides and now a GMO apple is going to be released…which means it already has been but is now being disclosed.
Nutrients in an Apple:
Calcium, Chromium, Iodine, Lithium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Rutin, Sulfur, Vanadium, Alanine, E, B17, B17(seed), C, Asparagine, Aspartic-acid, A, Chlorophyll, Cobalt, Copper, B9, Glutamic-acid, Leucine, Linolenic-acid, Luteine, Lysine, B3, Oleic-acid, B5, Pectin, Phenylalanine, Phosphorus, Proline, B2, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Sodium, B1, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Valine, B6, Zinc, Zirconium

Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” the above nutrients might just be the reason.

Bonnie Frownfelter ND

Health Fact – Joint Pain


If a body is dehydrated it will actually retain fluid and when the body retains fluids in a state of dehydration, it is also retaining the toxins that those fluids were supposed to eliminate. This increases the level of toxins in your tissues, and sets the stage for chronic disease and premature aging.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., an expert on water and author of an excellent book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, points out that the body has no water- storage system to draw on in times of need. And those parts of the body most acutely affected by a water shortage are the areas without a direct blood supply, particularly cartilage in the joints. Painful joints, including those with arthritis in them, can be a result of inadequate water intake.

Another good source is “Preventing Arthritis”, a book by Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., a pain specialist. He stated that joint and pain problems are helped by water, and made worse when a patient is dehydrated or hardly drinks water at all.”
I can attest to the above information first-hand. I’m 61 and 42 years ago I was involved in a tragic auto crash where two people died, and myself battling for my life. I won’t go into all the details but I had numerous broken bones.

According to all medical professionals if you have a traumatic injury, especially one that involves fractures, arthritis is automatic and worsens as you age.

I do not suffer from joint pain unless I forget to drink water. I’ve discovered that if I drink my regular daily water amount, which isn’t always the recommended amount per my weight, but usually is 40 to 50 ounces a day I am pain-free. If I only consume about 25 to 30 ounces a day I am basically still pain-free but with an occasional pain here and there, which is my cue that my water drinking is reduced and if I continue with a reduced intake of water the pain will increase.

Drinking water is one of the most simple ways to improve health but can be the most difficult to accomplish, especially as we age.

Thirst turns out to be a poor indicator of whether or not you have an adequate level of water in your body. A 1998 article in the American Journal of Hospital Palliative Care dramatically points this out. The researchers reported that fluid depletion, even in severely dehydrated, dying people resulted “in relatively benign symptoms,” of which thirst was not a common one.

This is an indicator that we need to systematically drink water because our body needs water and not use thirst as the signal that prompts us to drink.

I keep a glass bottle of fresh pure water by my side at all times so it is readily available. This is a reminder to drink water and increases my likelihood of drinking my daily requirement.

If I need a more serious approach to drink water because I’ve gone too long without drinking my minimum of daily water I put a timer watch on my wrist and set it for 30 mins. When the timer goes off I drink approximately 4 ounces of water, and I do this from arising in the morning until I consume my daily requirement of half my body weight in ounces, which usually ends in the evening. It takes 3 days of systematically drinking water to rehydrate the body if it is dehydrated.

Quick tip: The next time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water first, often we give our body food when it is simply asking for a glass of water.

Bonnie Frownfelter ND

Health Fact – Water

One critical aspect of water relates to detoxification. Water is the only solvent the body can use to rid itself of toxins. Some toxins are environmental and enter the body, but the majority are formed inside the body as the waste products of normal metabolic function. Without any water intake, these toxins would accumulate so rapidly that, in most cases, you would die within four or five days. With a much less- than- optimal intake you wouldn’t die, but you wouldn’t be able to flush the toxins out fast enough, and this would lead to toxin accumulation, decreased energy production, decreased organ function, and ultimately disease.

Prostate Health


Researchers at Norwich Medical School in the UK looked at the results of 12 different studies done on a total of 13,254 men. They were specifically looking at blood levels of selenium. Many studies have verified that taking selenium is an easy way to decrease the chance of getting prostate cancer. But these doctors wanted to know just how much selenium was needed because everything is about dose. And dose varies between people. So what’s the right dose? Here’s what they found.
If you take enough selenium to have a blood serum level of 135 ng/ml you will decrease your risk of getting prostate cancer by 15%. Not bad for one nutrient. But it gets a lot better than this. Prostate cancer by itself is not really a problem. The less aggressive forms can be easily controlled with just herbs, nutrients, and diet. It is the highly aggressive forms of prostate cancer that bring the real problems. And selenium levels of 135 ng/ml will reduce your chance of having an aggressive form by a huge 40%!
For many of the men the risk decreased even more when the blood levels went as high as 170 ng/ml. And there was no decreased risk in men whose blood levels were greater than 170.
Take enough selenium to get your blood levels between 135-170 ng/ml. There is no advantage to levels higher than this. The best form of selenium to take is methylselenocysteine.

Quick Tip #12 – Heart Health


Quick Tip #12
Heart Health
Our hearts contain a large amount of arsenic compared to other organs and this is what really makes the heart different from all the other organs.   Arsenic in vegetables is in the phosphate form and is not poisonous, in fact, it is vital for a strong heart!  Celery and Asparagus contain arsenic so try to include one or both in the diet 2 or 3 times a week.