Olive Oil – Lemon Juice Drink


Made by blending the following ingredients:

1 whole lemon, (pulp, rind, seeds and all)
1½ Cups distilled water
1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
4 rounded Tbsps. frozen orange juice concentrate

This blend is then strained through a wire strainer to remove the pulp.
The remaining liquid is divided in four equal portions of approximately 1/4 cup each and a portion is consumed with each of the three daily meals and before bedtime.

– In addition to stimulating lymphatic flow, the drink increases the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder – which, in turn, enhances one’s ability to digest essential fatty acids through the Peyer’s patches in the small intestine. It is not uncommon for AIDS patients to experience weight gain and a reversal of a long list of complaints often associated with fatty acid deficiencies.


Fasting Heightens Spiritual Awareness

MANAGE HEALTH NATURALLYFasting Heightens Spiritual Awareness

The body cleanses and heals itself by fasting; keener mental concentration and clearer spiritual perception develop. Remember, the brain is the physical instrument of the mind. When the mucus and toxin poisons are flushed from the brain cells, worries and frustrations are also flushed from your mind. It becomes free and clear. You can think intelligently and logically. Your memory is sharp and keen. Your creative powers are expanded. You are able to face reality and yourself… to view problems objectively and to find definite answers…and solutions!

The elimination of toxic wastes releases the mind from physical bondage. The freedom from the necessity of procuring, preparing, eating, digesting, and assimilating food releases a tremendous amount of nervous energy which invigorates the mental and spiritual processes. You obtain new levels of tranquility, serenity, and peace of mind. You become spiritually perceptive and receptive.

Bonnie Frownfelter ND


Ref: Bragg N.D., P. P., & Bragg N.D., P. P. (Health Science). Fasting Heightens Spiritual Awareness. In D. P. Bragg N, & P. P. Bragg N.D., The Miracle of Fasting (p. 192). Santa Barbara: Health Science.