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Cod Liver Oil Treatment: What Type of Cod Liver Oil to Use as Vaccine Detox?

It is very important not to use just any old brand of cod liver oil when your child is exhibiting symptoms of regressive autism. Many of the brands of cod liver oil on the market now contain synthetic Vitamin A. Dr. Megson specifically warns that this form of the vitamin does not help in resolving symptoms.

The three following brands are confirmed by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) and/or Radiant Life to contain only natural Vitamin A. Click here for cod liver oil testing results conducted by the WAPF.  My parents use Green Pasture Products Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil, and my family uses Dropi Icelandic Extra Virgin cod liver oil.

Dr. Megson dosed at only 1/5 tsp for 2-3 days before noting that eye contact and responsiveness in the child returned.

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