Cannabis Eye Drops

Cannabis eye drops

A CLEAN AND STERILE WORK ENVIRONMENT IS CRUCIAL… the dropper bottle must be sterilized, the saline must be sterilized, the oil, lecithin, and cannabis, all must be sterilized.

Boiling hot water and a few drops of bleach can be used to sterilize the tools you’ll use, plain hot water for the dropper bottle, the alcohol and heated evaporation process will sterilize the concentrate. The glycerin and oils may be pre-heated and sterilized, and will be heated again when bonding with the concentrate.

The eye drops are a simple, modified home made eye drop recipe that you can find online, easily. Preparing the cannabis and blending it evenly is the most tedious part.

To prepare the cannabis, it’s first extracted and filtered using grain alcohol, then re-filtered using oil and/or glycerin. Certain plant waxes and solids which are unnecessary, are alcohol/water soluble, but not oil or glycerin soluble.

When dissolving the concentrate a second time, in the glycerin and oil, you can then separate any potential solids by pressing through a final filter of 3u – 10u/micron.

The concentrate, glycerin, coconut oil and lecithin blend, is then combined at a 1:5 – 1:6 ratio with saline, home made and sterilized (using natural filtered sea salt), or store-bought. After being gently heated it should emulsify or homogenize and become an even blend, due to the lecithin content (about 1.5 grams lecithin per finished fluid oz should be used, 2 grams each of coconut oil and glycerin, .5 – 1g clean concentrate.. this should take up roughly 6ml of the total 30ml, with the remainder being saline).

The good news; glycerin, lecithin and coconut oil, are all common in eye drops and eye treatments.

Coconut oil and lecithin are GREAT for the eyes!

Coconut oil;

– Rids the eye of parasites.

– Soothes irritation and dry-eye.

– Clears ‘pink eye’.

– Is known to eliminate cancers cells.


– Cures and soothes dry eye syndrome.

– Soothes symptoms of allergies and hay-fever.

– Soothes eczema-related eye conditions/symptoms.

Other methods for ‘directly’ treating brain and neck cancers include: treating the neck, around the glands and jugular, and below the base of the skull, and the scalp, hairline and temples, with coconut/emu/glycerin cannabis concentrates either alone or combined; all three carriers are known for penetrating, and when properly infused, carrying intentionally added chemical/plant components, as much as several inches below the surface of the skin.

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