Since VERIZON took over Aabaco (formerly Yahoo Small Business) they’ve been censoring websites and also did a recent ‘migration’ (so Turbify stated) and numerous files did not migrate … coincidence .. I think NOT! My other website had several pages that are now 404 and most all my files are missing on that website as well. Numerous calls to support, supposed to be fixed, pages opened but no files, then they returned to 404. I have no extra pages on this site, but most all my remedies and information is missing. So I’m undecided as to just shut it down or find another web host to build again. Several years of files just gone. Also I had another website on Site Solution with all my modality information and the whole site just completely vanished, because they stopped using Site Solution, no warning nothing. Fortunately I do have much of my information on external drives but very disheartening to see hours of gathering just gone! This IS still America, or is it?