Codex Alimentarius – U.N. Dictate

Healthcare or Disease Maintenance? – Codex Alimentarius

 Doctors who have spent their lives acquiring knowledge that is far beyond that of a layperson are not likely to listen to someone who does not possess this knowledge ⎯ especially if the person suggests that solutions to health problems could be found through a change of diet and lifestyle. Doing so would require that they reevaluate their entire medical education and could even mean contemplating the possibility that most of what they learned in medical school about health was wrong. That would be quite a pill to swallow. But there is another reason and probably the strongest of all ⎯ economics. It would not be economically feasible for the disease industry.

Please understand, we do not have a health system in this nation. What we have is a disease industry. The AMA promotes a disease industry, and that’s big business. The cancer industry is no exception; in fact, it’s a billion dollar business. There are more people in it than simply those who have the disease. Thereare doctors, nurses, radiologists, the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, prosthesis manufacturers, the morticians and the list goes on. There is no money to be made from telling people how to keep from getting sick. There is no money in anything that keeps a person from going to the doctor to receive extensive tests with complex diagnostics. Think about it. What if our citizens really were to truly adopt a healthful way of living? What then?

Perhaps due to the above information anything that promotes health must be eliminated.  Codex was struck down in 2009 thankfully but be assured it will surface again. From link below: “The first step to understanding Codex Alimentarius is to realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with “consumer protection”. That’s propaganda for the sake of getting people and Congress to yield to its implementation.